I am honored you are here, my name is Christine D’Ugo. I am a High Priestess of The Order of Melchizedek and Ordained Teacher of this Order by Melchizedek himself. I am a Warrior of Light and an Isis Priestess and Teacher of these Lineages. 


My spiritual awakening happened over 5 years ago. My training began with Reiki, which I now hold Master/Teacher in both Usui/Tibetan and Angelic. I discovered a Feminine Embodiment Way of Life through teachings and practices for many years now. I found a Modern Day Mystery School and walked those paths for over 3 full years.


Lady Isis (Goddess Aset) came to me and bestowed the gifts of deep remembrance and showed me The Ways (Her Ways) for deeper Feminine Life Embodiment & The Goddess Isis Mystery Trainings & the beloved My Moon for our Fair Maids. 


I have learned so much & continue to learn, dedicate myself to the work at hand, with my healings, my daughters, the ancestors, our Beloved Great Goddess Mother Earth, the Divine, the animals, plants, minerals, the water ways and so much more to become all that God’s Will has in store for us all. 


I Welcome you fully into this Temple of The Ancient Order of The Rosaé Temple Arts which was created to offer you a Sacred Space to return back to the Oneness of Ourselves.

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At this current time in the Temple, we offer: 

The Ancient Order of The Rosaé Temple Arts Mystery School with The Order of Melchizedek 

Goddess Isis Mystery Training

My Moon

Disclaimer: As with any educational spiritual ascension learning, your experience is going to vary from one Initiate to another for infinite amount of reasons. Spiritual grow, self-actualization and transformation are personal and subjective. How much you get out of this learning is dependent on how much time and commitment you are willing to put forth. These teachings are used to integrate and use every single day to connect you back to you, the ancient teachings, and tools of transformation are for your re-memberance of Heaven on Earth. 


Please note, this is not a quick fix or a certification program.