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To begin your journey here you must start at The Order of Melchizedek – this ancient teaching is the re-programming of your conscious, mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies – which we call the Base of the Pyramid. This structure will anchor you for anything else you desire to expand upon. 


After you forge with the base, other trainings here may be taken. 


Goddess Isis Mystery Training is a deep reawakening to The Goddess Isis, female Ascended Masters & Teachers ~ Reinvigorating a Divine Feminine Presence and the Flow of Life into your Body, Mind, Heart, Soul & Life. 


The Power of Love is just that – learning to stand in your truest form of Love, which is all that there really is with God/Goddess, Universe, Creator, while protecting with Divine Guidance, yourself, home, family and others. Here you will know Thy Self. 


Ascension is where we will build together. Ascending or truthfully Descending our Higher Selves to come and commune within our current daily lives, awakening to deeper codes, ways and thoughts, with discussions on How to Live as The One. 


My Moon is a special Temple Arts class, no previous trainings are needed, but it does awaken our Fairmaids into a deeper knowledge of themselves & the World around them. Gentle yet enlivening. 


I Welcome you fully into this Temple of The Ancient Order of The Rosaé Temple Arts which was created to offer you a Sacred Space to return back to the Oneness of Ourselves.

What are the Ancient Order of the Rosaé Temple Arts Offerings?
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Disclaimer: As with any educational spiritual ascension learning, your experience is going to vary from one Initiate to another for infinite amount of reasons. Spiritual grow, self-actualization and transformation are personal and subjective. How much you get out of this learning is dependent on how much time and commitment you are willing to put forth. These teachings are used to integrate and use every single day to connect you back to you, the ancient teachings, and tools of transformation are for your re-memberance of Heaven on Earth. 


Please note, this is not a quick fix or a certification program.  

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