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Did you choose a Life of Service?

Are you a Veteran of any Armed Forces?


Did you serve in the Police Force, as a Firefighter, in a Correctional Facility, as a Social Worker, or any other Civil Servant Career?

Are you finding it hard to release any of the things you have experiences, lived, and/or witnessed?

Do any of these situations play over and over again in your mind?

This is because we become physically corded with any experience where we had a strong emotion lasting 15 minutes or longer.
This is especially true when you have lived a life of service.

As a Veteran of the United States Army, I learned many positive lessons from the military, but also its hidden and secretive aspects of this government entity. It is hard to explain to others the experiences I have been through.

This Veteran Healing process has set me free from the burdens of the negative traumas and experiences, allowing me to find peace and compassion in it all.


In this 5 series Veteran Cord Cutting:


We start in the physical body, gently removing any experiences no longer needed to reconnect you with the Here & Now

We will move through the emotional body by cleansing any stuck emotions within


We will Cleanse & Clear the mental body as it is imperative for stopping the replays in your mind

Finally, we will Reconnect & Resurrect your connection with Source & Self

In the 5th session, we clear all that needs to be done with the Lord of the Records.

I implore you, who has served
your country, both seen & unseen,
to come and give me your burdens, memories, traumas, both witnessed and done.
For I am the Lady of Light and can
transform & transmute
all that needs to be.
Do not wait another moment
to be Free.
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Sword of Charlemagne
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*$188 is the cost of the 5 Session Series*

*Click the "Buy a pricing plan" option at checkout to book the full 5 sessions of the 1:1 Veteran Healing*

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