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You have all suffered tremendously. The sexual traumas that have been done to you, that you have witnessed, read about, watched on TV and social media are ingrained in you. Many of you are carrying ancestral traumas that need to be healed. The traumas that have been done to the Earth, plants, and animals which we have all witnessed has been created by humans. Be aware you have done some of these to yourself - none of us are innocent bystanders to any of it. 


But now is a glorious time where we can fix, adjust, and reclaim our knowledge, while realizing how we want to move forward from this day onward. 

Why not use the regular Cord Cutting process?

The answer is easy: there is not enough time to complete them all and you may have many sexual traumas you don’t even know about. This specific modality will encompass all the healing you know that you need and all the healing you are unaware of.

We start in the Root Chakra (Earth) - Your connections to Mother Earth: grounding, basic physical body, safety, and being present during your time here on Earth.

Sacral Chakra (Water) - This is your creative power center where sexuality, stored sexual trauma (past & present), as well as ancestral, earth, witnessing, and self traumas all remain. Most have closed down this Sacred energy for only the skewed remains.


Heart Chakra (Air) - Love resides here or has been shut down from betrayals, heartache, or heartbreak. Trust is closed down, but Love does still reside here no matter what has happened as Love is your true essence of all essences.

Throat Chakra (Fire) - Our throat is directly connected to the Sacral Chakra - if the throat is shut down, it is a direct correlation to sacral and vice versa. Were you silenced as the victim, the perpetrator, the witness? A woman's Yoni and throat are made out of the exact bodily material, this is not a coincidence. 

For the final session, we will be going into the Akashic Records with Metatron to clear all that needs to be cleared.


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*5 Sessions are needed to complete the full Cord Cutting*


*Click the "Buy a pricing plan" option at checkout to book the full 5 sessions of the Pelvic Palace Cord Cuttings*

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