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The Home you chose is a very Special & Unique place. It is for most of us the One Place you can Truly be yourself, relax with yourself, family, pets or partners.

Homes & Hearts typically Resonate at the same Frequency and it is in this we find a Relationship with our Homes. 


The Clearing, Cleansing & Realigning of one’s Home is one of the most important Actions you can take for your home, Yourself, Family and Relationships.

Energies, Emotions, Spirits and other things can get trapped here on this Earthly Plane. During this process, I will clear all that needs to be done to Awaken & Enliven Your Space so you can feel most at Peace in Your Sanctuary.

How do you know if you need a Home Clearing?

You have an uneasy feeling whenever you return home 

You don’t sleep well, have feelings of something watching you while you are sleeping, or have nightmares

Finicky or broken appliances, flickering lights


You have fear or unrest in some rooms or certain areas

Invasive thoughts

Your home has been through a flood, fire, mold or any major home issues 

You have been through unrest such as a breakup, foreclosure,

major illness or a death while living in your home

You just know something at home isn't right!

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What you Will Receive from your Home Sanctuary Clearing:
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Seashells (4).png

Clearing, Cleansing & Realignment of your Home, Land & Space

Connection to Your Space 


An Overall Sense of Peace 

Soul Retrieval, if needed

Guidance on How to keep your Spaced Cleansed 

One Follow up Phone Call or Email through a Remote Session

And so much more!

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Remote Home Clearing
Click here to book a 
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Free 15 Minute Consultation
Please Note: You & your home will continue to pick up energies, as Everything is Energy and Energy is Everywhere. This is not a long term fix, but it is an amazing way to stimulate change in Your Journey with your connection to your Home. 
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