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This is just as it sounds —  a clearing, releasing, and claiming technique to Regain & Reclaim all that is yours & all that is meant to be.

In our confusion & many lifetimes of this confusion on Earth, you may have given your gifts & powers away both willingly & unwillingly known.

To move forward as the Divine being you are meant to be, we need to release anything that is not yours and Claim the Whole of You.

Archangel Michael & Archangel Faith will be your constant guides.

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The Yin Yang Pearl Attunement is a process where the Divine infuses you with a tool of continuous transformation.


 We start by activating your Microcosmic Orbit and the Pearl which are the Yin & Yang of balance and will be in service to You. 


This attunement harmonizes your 12 Organ Spirits (your physical Earth body systems) with your 5 Elements – Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal to live in unity, community and peace. 

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These 3 Permanent seed Atoms are of major importance in your current and past lives. They are permanent and are an innate part of you when you first manifest as an individual soul into the human kingdom. They come with you each time you are born again into a new incarnation and they depart with you each time you die. They are your Soul’s Book of Life or your Book of Judgement, containing your personal Akashic Record.


Everything you have done, said or thought is recorded in the seed atoms of your own being. Within this process lives Alchemy. 

Have you noticed you cannot break the old habit & repeat the same scenario over and over again?


With this Cleansing & Activation overseen by the Lord of the Akashic Records, we now have a way to assist in regeneration with softening & correcting our past, to move into the future with a clearer, deeper, harmonic life. 

Are you ready?

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