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Divine Ones,

We are living in a most magical time where we can create our lives in exactly the way we desire. No matter where we came from or what we have done in the past. Every hour, minute, and second is the perfect moment to start anew. You, oh Holy One, deserve to have peace and connection.

I once lived in the darkness & confusion of the world, some I created & some created for me: divorce, abuses, confusion, military service, single mother of 20 years. There is not much I haven't gone through. These events and hardships are now my greatest tools of transformation, not only in my life, but for others.

I am honored to Resurrect myself & Reclaim my earned placed upon this planet at this moment, in this lifetime for the good of us all.

The                                          represents the Ancient Life & Life giving forces in this Universe.

                                                     are spread out and represent our connection to the Divine Protective Mother.

The                               represents Archangel Faith & her twin flame, Archangel Michael, for Truth & God's Will.

The                                    represents Compassion & Love held by Mary Magdelena & Yeshua.

The                                 stands for The Pelvic Palace assisted by Mother Mary & Archangel Raphael.

The                                    is the Divine Portal of our sexual power with Lady Isis & supported by Osiris

Behind is a                                                      which contains a flower of life.

The lines represent the Divine Masculine.

The circles represent the Divine Feminine & the whole of our Universe.

is the God/Goddess number.

10light no glow_edited.png

Zero is the still point before creation.

One is Infinite beginnings.

Ten is Infinite completions.

10 holds aspects of the Holy Divine Light of all that is.

means God's Light.

I welcome you to this Temple to find your re-memberance of the Divinity in You.

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