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What is inYour Immigrant Heart? 


Join Us on Friday, July 5th for 
1 morning & afternoon
Retreat at the Historic
Mother Cabrini Shrine in 
the scenic RockyMountains in Golden,Colorado

About the all Inclusive
What is inYour Immigrant Heart ?Day Retreat
Discover the modern call to The Rosary 

Receive The Clearing & Claiming Technique

Discussion on Your Immigrant Family 

Pray & Bless The Path to the 22' ft statue of The Christ 

Share a light Mediterranean meal (All Vegetarian & Vegan with Gluten Free options, per request)

What's in your Immigrant Heart Booklet

Quiet time for contemplation & unfolding

Opportunity to discover what is in Your Heart

& so much more! 

~ This is an all inclusive retreat, please enquire by email about the special lowered pricing offered for children & inclusive peoples ~
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Your Host & Guide is a 1st generation Sicilian & 2nd generation German/Lithuanian American and Veteran of the US Army. Christine has been on the Healing Arts path of Aesthetics for over 20 years & with 7+ years on the Spiritual path of discovery. She is so very called not only to her families homelands & stories but to this country We call Home & America. She still believes & feels that, although flawed, there is something very Special here, in the Land of the Free & Home of the Brave. 
            Our guide is Mother Cabrini, the Universal Patron Saint of Immigrants & she is calling Us now to her Shrine to reinvigorate Our Hearts with Trust, Hope, Faith & Love.

     Are you ready to discover Yourself in the Power of the Rocky Mountains? 
Click here to book the

What is inYour
Immigrant Heart Retreat

Disclaimer: No Refunds - unless the Host or Mother Cabrini Shrine Retreat cancels.
This retreat is Spiritual ~ based on self-discovery & communion with the Divine, 
although it is held on Catholic grounds, there is no affiliation with this or any religion. This is an all ages, all abilities, all inclusive retreat, please email me to enquire about the special pricing offered for children under 12 & inclusive peoples.Please be aware the only way up the stairs to the 22' statue is to walk or be carried by a loved one or friend. 
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