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Reawaken the Power to make us feel Safe & at Home

Cleanse & Clear


Create Life with The Divine


Commune with Us


Die, Plant, Grow & Birth – our Truest Desires 

Transmute & Transform

Give, Hold and Receive Intuition 

Create Healing Opportunities 

Connect Us with the Womb of Earth & Creation 

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Our society has made us feel ashamed of Our Heavenly, Earthly, Magical, Creative Bodies & in return, silenced the parts of Us that Crave Connection & Healthy, Loving Female Communion

Our Wombs, Breasts, Yonis, & our Menstruation (our Moon) have been subjectified to fit into this current patriarchal society, which has told us what is beautiful & what is not. Us as women have also been taught to turn against another ~ to compete, compare & shame other women for the sake of keeping us all small, separate & silent. 

But we are starting to Re-member at our core that there

IS more to Life than what appears.


Information is Returning & Awakening us little by little, shared from woman to woman, and is being passed down to each other, our daughters & granddaughters.

Now is the Time we can fully Bloom & Blossom into the Whole Holiness of who we were Always Craving to be, which is fully possible in this Lifetime. This Temple Sisterhood Sensorium will facilitate an opening of your doorway of re-membrance, not only for you but for the good of The One. 

Here is What you May Receive During your Session:

​Spiritual Life Coaching

Sisterhood Sensorium

Breast Workings

Womb Palliative Movement Work

Sacred signs & symbols

Ritual Washing

Soul Retrieval

Yoni Steaming, if appropriate & applicable 

Temple Tending & Care

Messages from the Divine

Infusions of a multitude of energy modalities:

Laying of the Hands ~ Reiki, Angelic Reiki and/or

many other Healing Avenues

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Some Post Benefits you May Receive: 

Cleansing & Clearing of Ancestral energies, as well as previous lovers

Opening & Softening ~ to be in the Receptive Feminine Universal Energy Mode 

Fuller Embodiment

You will actually Look more Beautiful!

Feelings of more Love & Peace 

More Radiant Feminine Presence 

A lifetime connection to your Breasts, Womb & much more!

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As an Isis Priestess, I have been on the Path of Sacred Healing of Sexual & Sensual,

Womb, Blood Magick, Yoni & Breast Feminine Mystery Arts for over 7 years now

 & I invite you into this Sacred Feminine Temple to be

Fully Seen, Heard & Tenderly Worshipped.

2hrs 30min

Click here to book a


If you have any of your Feminine Body Parts Removed ~ Breasts, Ovaries, Cervix and/or Hysterectomy please know that Your Body still holds the essence of these energies in your etheric body & that

they Truly have not left you! 

Disclaimer: All of these modalities may be used or only a few, as everyone’s sessions, like you, is very unique, individualized, personal, intuitively jointly created & special. 

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