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Death, like Birth, is a process. The body is of this World and not the Next. When one is in the Act of actively Dying, the unknown can be scary.
The Mysteries of Death have been seen as something fear based & unnatural. 

Death upon this Planet, with Everything, is happening All the Time. 

The problem is: it is happening to You or a very dear Loved One. 

As a Certified End of Life Doula, Spiritual Life Coach, Reiki Master & Veteran of the US Army, I can guide the dying person and their family to a Soft & Beautiful experience and Truth is the Essence of all in this.

The Mysteries in Life & Death are great, but I will lead you gently into the Light of
all that can & will be done, as deeply as you choose.

All Religions, Spirituality or None ~ Beliefs, Preferences, Walks of Life &
the Whole of You is Fully Welcome

It is Your Right on how you want to Live and Die, even to the end. During and throughout your process, we will visit & revisit what is most important to you. 

Here we will take a look at Paperwork ~ step by step, together. You will choose what is best for you, while supporting you fully. Discussion on Green & Alternative End of Life arrangements. This includes your Pets' future as well. 

This can be an immensely Helpful and Healthy way to say goodbye. It can give everyone a sense of Closure with Softness, Joy & Compassion.


What you May Receive:

Created Sacred Space

Reiki ~ which facilitates Relaxation, Connection to Source & Overall

Feelings of Peace

Spiritual Life Coaching

Gentle Clearings

Prayers, Chants, Mantras, Music or Silence

Essential Oils

Forgiveness Purification/s ~ for Yourself, Others & the World



Sitting Vigil

Ritual Bathing 

Assisting & Supporting Caregivers

Personal & Intimate Care for the Body

Ritual Bathing


Prayers, Chants, Mantras, Music or Silence

Shrouding ~ with Organic Materials

Prepare Home viewing or Wake with Loved Ones (optional) 

Following through with Ones Wishes

Pet Placement

Please Note: You may choose all of the above options, or none of them.




Funeral Support & Planning                                       
2 In-Home Client Visits                                                 
2 Hour Spiritual Life Coaching                                  

       (For Client, Caretaker or Mourner ~ In-Home or Virtual)
2 Hour In-Home Reiki Session                                    
Legacy Project                                        
Living Funeral or Goodbye Party      
Ritual Bathing, Shrouding & Prep for Wake                      

Ask for details & rates


Free 30 Minute Consultation

1 Initial In-Home Care Plan Visit

Guidance & Educational Packet on the Dying Process and Resources

Completion and/or Review of AHD/MOLST

Discussion on Arrangements

Client Care Visits with Reiki & Spiritual Life Coaching

Caregiver or Loved One Support

Mourning Support Follow Up Session/s







3 Visits
3 Visits
3 Visits
= Included in Packages
Note: Caregiver, Loved One or Mourner can be done Virtually.
If you are a Solo Ager
, all the Visits will be for Your Journey. 
Free 30 Minute Phone Consultation 
Click here to book a
Please Note: You must be in the Active Dying Process with a Diagnosis by a Medical Doctor & on Hospice to Participate in the above End of Life Doula Packages. If you are not Actively Dying & are seeking Guidance on preparing for your End of Life, please see À La Carte Options.
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