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Isis Aesthetic Priest/essTraining

Creating  your Holistic Aesthetic Practice with Isis

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                   in all forms is pleasing to the eye.

When one sees Beauty, it invokes certain emotions

within an individual.

When one's thought process becomes skewed, this first effects the body and one's cells at the deepest level and then the skin's surface is altered. 

If you or a loved one have had any type of procedures in the past, either gentle or aggressive, have you noticed that they just do not last?  

That is because most of these "conditions" are

the effect, not the cause. 


During                                                                                   , we Holistically take a look at the "Why" which allows us to Truly See what is happening at the

Mental, Emotional, Physical  & Spiritual Level so that


Isis Aesthetic Priest/essTraining

Who is Isis Aesthetic Priest/ess Training for? 


Aesthetic Nurses 



Nail Techs




Massage Therapists

Anyone in

the service Industry

Birth or



When you graduated from your specific profession did you have the question,

"Was that it" Were you left feeling incomplete or inadequate? 

Just what does it mean to become an 


Isis Aesthetic Priest or Priestess

It means you are ready to Dedicate your life to something that is Beyond the current status quo & this 10 month process not only helps you connect with the Divine but to the Self. 

An awakening into to One's True Purpose may bloom upon this path, as you will be connected to many Nurturing & Supporting Life Sources. 

Asking Oneself the question ~ Am I truly ready to become more than I am today, for myself, the ones I love, my clients/patients & the good of The Whole? 

To enter into the House of Isis One becomes eternally changed &

we welcome You fully here. 

              Interested in this training here but don't see your profession?

               No worries,  just book a free 30 minute consultation to discuss!

What you will receive during these 10 Trainings: 

10 manuals, 10 In-Person or Online Live Trainings

Key, Codes & Openings

Usui/Tibetan Sacred Reiki ~ Laying of the Hands ~  

Levels I & II

How to Protect yourself, your home & work space


Learn to work energy for the good of Us All 

Isis Rituals


Skin Condition Healings 

How to facilitate Soul Retrievals

Spiritual Healing Modality gifted from Isis

& much more! 

During your  Isis Aesthetic Priest/ess Training Christine will guide you using her 20+ years in the Medical Aesthetics field & 7+ years in the Spiritual Healing Arts to Open a Path for you to guide & change the selfs standard of what you are currently doing while communing deeply with the Divine. 


Click here to book 

30 minute free consultation

Priest/ess Training

Isis Aesthetic Priest/ess Training

Disclaimer: No certificate will be given, as this is a training on how to become an Isis Aesthetic Priest or Priestess. This is not a full mystery school training ~ to dive deeper into the Mysteries of Reprogramming the self Please visit Ancient Order of the Rosaé at the top header.

       In this all inclusive training Isis is asking that you feel the call Whole Heartily in Your Body & that it        is a Whole Holy Yes!

       No refunds, no exceptions. 

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