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Here at                              , I am committed to offering many guided teachings, offerings, & healings because our Creator understands that all paths back to The One are not the same. The Universe and all its Energies are Infinitely

Creative, Unique, & Hopeful.

The point of Time and this Lifetime is to heal. Discover the

tools of transformation you need upon your journey in

this                                          which encourages empowerment with truth through transparency. 

Today, times can be very challenging –

we are all getting bombarded by many

different images, thoughts, ideas, & others truths.

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Christine D'Ugo


Home Sanctuary Clearings

Cleansing & Realigning of one's Home is one of the most important Actions you can take for your Home, Yourself, Family and Relationships...

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"Prior to The Ancient Order of the Rosaé with the Order of Melchizedek I have practiced Reiki for over 20 years and Angelic Reiki but still felt like I had a spiritual void with lots of anger and feelings of being on a “dead end road.” This training is the place for someone who wants to grow spiritually. I loved the comradery of the people in my class as well as with Christine, we did it together and it was worth all the effort! The Temple is such a beautiful & spiritual place and I enjoyed and looked forward to our monthly classes. I felt so safe, peaceful & loved every minute there. Now that it is over, or just beginning, it is an honor to be a High Priestess."

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